World Time Attack Challenge 2016!

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The WTAC for 2016 has been run and won!  This year was my first time ever attending the event, after years of trying to get there but always double booking the weekend. This particular time though, I found out that Keiichi Tsuchiya, Chris Forsberg, Mad Mike, and Daigo Saito would all be competing, and I soon made time to go. I literally pushed everything aside to make it there to spectate, and it was so worth it! The perfect analogy for a kid in a lolly shop, would be me being at WTAC. Just too much sensory excitement! (haha)

Like any good car show, the car park is a show and shine! What a survivor in the old Toyota Corona. “Ma ma ma my Corona”.


The Pagani Huayra BC makes everyone a photographer. Driven by Kiiechi Tsuchiya. It even looks fast when parked.


The calibre of cars there were just insane. Daigos Drift lambo was definately something to report to home about.


Dorifto Ranbo

20161015_111826I got to meet my idol Nigel Petrie and check out RPS13 in the flesh! Hot dam!


Wings for a lot of flocking birds! So much carbon firbe engineering, Engine research and driving precision to get one perfect lap. Its Inspiring.

20161014_100707This was my favourite car competing in the flying 500. Not the quickest but definantly the best to watch and raddest of engine swaps.


Speaking of engine swaps. Check out this one.


The awesome Nissan R88c that was handbuilt and raced at Lemans. Amazing pioneering of technology before computing. Hats off to those guys, this is how we have come so far today.

20161014_141012Amoungst all the next level awesomeness. My origin runs strong and I was energetically pulled to this somewhat tame Ford Escort Mexico. (Boy Racer on the inside)

img_2962It was an awesome weekend. And I have already started working on the drawing board after getting some crazy inspiration and ideas. Massive wings come at me!

welding-pic-wtacHere is a short video to sum up what I saw at wtac. please subscribe to my youtube chanel to get more videos.

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