Winton festival of speed part one

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Historic Racing Fix

On the 7th of august. My dad and I gave the old tow rig a quick service so we could travel to watch the Winton festival of speed event. We put these original globe mags on to change the gearing on the way up. We cut bearing covers out of some scrap aluminium sheet and gave them a brush finish instead of using the chromed plastic bulky covers they came with.


Before daggy!



After FRESH!


The handmade bearing covers after wire brushing


Ford Zephyr

Our weapon of choice was dads 1956 mkII zephyr Ute. It is the original colour, now 14inch globe mag wheels and a custom 4 on the tree gearbox. Perfect! The keys were rattled out of the drawer and we cruised off on the icy morning along the Pyrenees highway. To give you an idea of the vibes, we had a bit of Queen, Fleetwood mac, Mental As Anything and so on, blaring from the parcel shelf speakers. Cruising at the speed limit around 3000rpm gave a nice constant engine noise, especially the unmistakable tappet sound from the 2.5l zephyr engine.20160805_110404


This is the 50-year-old leather key pouch that came with the car. The leather is still perfect. How cool would it be if modern cars had these!


By the time we arrived at the track there was a great display of road cars in the car park, and race cars in the pits. It was awesome



Apart from hearing John Bowe totally carve the old formula one car around Winton circuit, the most memorable part of the weekend for me was Walking the pits and meeting up with motorsport legend Bob Holden, who won the 1966 Gallaher Bathurst 500. He spotted us admiring his cars and freely spoke to us about racing his German Escort rs2000 in Spa and Nürnburgring enduros. There is an awesome story of him here. His against the odds commitment to racing and love for racing small cars has sort of sculptured my own ambitions in the sport. And the 83 year old can still drive to!

To conclude this weekend, I would recommend everyone to go in august next year, and every year after that. 🙂  especially relevent, talking to one of your idols has got to be the best thing you could do for personal motivation. Yet there was an ulterior motive for making another historic trip this year though. Another track car has been purchased. But more on that in part 2.







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