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A little known fact about taking the first step, ‘it’s never too early to!”. I have been meaning to get into the sport of drifting for a while, like embarrassingly long, but always find some reasonable excuse to stay on the couch for the weekend, I think we all do. I’m usually the one to think I need 12 hours sleep, save money, work on the daily whatever.


line up

Last weekend, a good friend of mine suggested volunteering at the vicdrift round 3 event at Calder park raceway. So I did just that. I Fuelled up Phil for the road trip down and went from there.

In the morning I learnt a quick crash course on scrutineering and got to help out putting some stickers on competitor’s windshields.

vicdrift 86

love this

Then the rest of the day I was shadowing another volunteer doing the crowing role of the day.  Our main job was to cross out names and organise drivers to dummy grid, all whilst seeing some great action!


Dummy Grid hustle!

The fixture slid like this, practice then knockout battles with expression sessions between each set of battles finishing with final four battles. The new Dejager scoring system was being used on the day which puts more emphasis on the chasing car which makes it closer competition and better to watch. I like it!

vicdrift escort

How mad is this!

vicdrift pic2

I hope Frank can do this!


Favourite. Biased yes


Bit of train action in the final expression session

What did I take home with me from the day; firstly it’s so nice to meet a bunch of young enthusiastic organisers.

It’s awesome to see in the expression session, especially the last one how much fun everyone was having in pushing the limits of their cars and track limits.

How motivating it is for me to build my own stuff when I see other people having a blast skidding all day. So much PEP for our Frankndrift Ute!

The only bad thing about the weekend was Phil’s fuses needing some love on the way up there but this is normal.  I’m working on it. But really it wouldn’t be a road trip if at least one thing didn’t stuff up 🙂 retro car life!

I would encourage everyone that wants to get that bit closer to motorsport, or even something to do, go and volunteer! Do it! The couch can wait and so can your pokeball critters. Get into it. Meet some new friends and smell that smoke!



  • Chance says:

    Love this post and loved your enthusiasm and attitude to being the best dang volunteer going – and you did and you where! You’ll be on the track in no time, see you there!! Keep being awesome Jesse!! 🙂

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