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Summer Break van Build

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retrospresso van logo

On the 24th of december last year with the last hours of work nearly out the door, I was pretty keen on moving in leaps on the coffee van build. I thought that the week between Christmas and New Year I could really sink my teeth into the project. Which I did try to do. The two main setbacks were that most businesses were closed during the week. I soon did all the work I could with what I had. And secondly was that with the temperatures the way they are in Summer, my basic garage was pretty darn hot.

So here is what I got around to doing.

We finally decided on our logo and here is what it looks like on the van in a mockup version. Without those wheels to.

logo on our van

Brooke was really excited to get the stamp to stamp our cups. We got the stamp made at Woodruff & Co and it looks pretty sick!

our new woodruff logo stamo

Now that the mounts were finished, I put the fuel tank back in. Next I went for a spin to wet my appetite before the frame to support the machine could be fabricated.

I used some 25x25x2 SHS box section to make up the frame. Welding it together was the easy part after cutting all of the length with an angle grinder and filing off any difference. Band saw next Xmas? I think so!
Filing lenghts before assembly

I like making the sparks! 🙂

The bottom piece of the drawer is just flat bar which is fastened around the slides and joined at the front and rear with the box section. Iused this size flat bar to make the sides of the slides flush looking. With this sliding in and out it was time to build it up to a comfortable working height and gaining some space.

Drawer slide in place in the van

Now that I had a sitting height, I could commit to welding the base mount which will be the machine surface/bench.

Picture of the first fitup the first fit up. It all worked sweet with no constrictions against the side of the van.Woo Hoo!
Test fit for coffee machine

With that sorted, the frame could be fully welded.

Metal Frame

That was about all I could manage until all the businesses opened after the Christmas and New Year break.

I’m getting more and more enthusiastic about it every time I work on it.


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