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I can’t get enough of old cars racing around a track. This year marks the 20th year straight that my Dad and I have been going to watch Historic Winton. I remember being so excited as a kid when I was tall enough to see over the handrail trackside and not have to look through the mesh.

As a last minute project I decided to make the most out of our historic Winton trip by making a seat to give us grandstand views.  Let’s call it an upcycle project.

I used everything I had lying around to make the seat. It started with a tyre rack that was once mounted to the front of our car trailer. That was the main frame for the seat.  All I had to do to fit it on the back of the Ute was shorten it by 100mm.


This is what it started as


From there I welded in some supports to mount the 4×4 timber bearers. They were lying around as well.  All I did was tek screw some saddle clamps around the pipe to the timbers. Easy as!

It was fairly uncomfortable with the front edge the way it was so I sawed off 45 degrees off the front and Walla! Now just to weld the backrest in before the fun stuff. I cut an angle iron frame to make up the backrest and footrest.



finished Seat



Winton in may will be wet. So next thing I did was pick some used ball joints off a ford escort to be the adjustable umbrella holders. They were just welded in position. With a couple hours to spare I splashed some black enamel onto the steel.  The wet paint will be curing on the trek up to Winton.


In action. I wasn’t missing anything


There you have it. My temporary grandstand seating. A hefty cost of zero dollars. It sits eye level roughly about 3 Meters off the ground and hopefully we will be able to see one more corner from our long-time favorite spot.

It’s fairly rugged to look at but man it beats a 44 gal drum tipped on its side and cold cheeking it. We will see how it goes, maybe better planning will enable a new design next year. Maybe some cup holders? Seat warmers? What do you guys think?


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  • Lucinda Rudolph says:

    I love this idea. Cup holders would be great, because then you could have drink without it spilling every where.
    And maybe better back rest and some cushions under you, so you don’t get a sore bum.
    I look forward on the rest of the things you’ll be getting upto.

    • jrud23 says:

      Thanks lucinda. Im glad you like it. Im thinking of a car bench seat next time to look a bit cooler. Because it was last minute we ended up having some cusion foam on the bench to save our buts haha. I will keep you posted on upcoming projects.

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