Twisted Customs Rat Run Cruise

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On Saturday the 6th of April I got to go to my first lowrider bike cruise! In the past I have had a look at the saint side show before in St Albins. But not a cruise as such.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, so I downplayed my expectations. You know like, when buying a new project car? How its best to picture just four wheels spread out on the ground and then anything extra is bonus points. Maybe thats just a me thing after having an obsession with 70s shitboxes but the point is I didn’t need to in the end.

We ended up being stupid late and missed the first two stops. Dam! But this was the first glimpse we got of the group, low, slow and kind of different.

When i finally made contact with the group, I met this guy who was explaining his bike build which was all of the rough cuts from a previous show bike template. He called it ruff cuts.

Ruff cuts bike

Then there was this other bike which another member made out of like 4 bikes, some skateboard trucks, some steel and kmart goods. It was very long and low. The more time looking at it, the more detail would emerge. For example, the handle bars are 2 handlebars rotated and welded together. This ended up winning the young gun award.

Home made seat on lowrider bike

Then there was lowmbo… I mean limbo.

limbo game

Some more limbo

limbo game

And lots of horns.


Some shiny spikes


But most of all, rusty bikes! That kinda sounded like madeline for a second. haha.

The deeper you look.

Any way, I had a blast. All these pictures are only screenshots from my vlog which you can find here.

I am even thinking of making an actual sized bike for next time. But where do you even start? Some of the little additions you can spot on these bikes were amazing.

This bike even had horns as handle bars.
These are the mad event tees you can buy on the day.

The next event is LSS on the 19 of october. low, slow and shining. So no rusties. I would recomend a look. Details can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/2266806136894601/

So with that over and done with. The next day I’m so excited to get to is motorex 2019. The past few years motorex has clashed with Historic Winton, which is non negotiable for me. But with supercars taking the historic weekend and historics moving, I finally get to go!https://www.motorex.com.au/

Meguiar’s MotorEx is the largest and most prestigious car show of its kind in Australia. It covers over 40,000 square metres and features 700-plus vehicles along with the countries best automotive businesses showcase the industries newest and most exciting products.

And BDR will be having a stall there! My first for the year. So I have some new stuff to display. Hope to see you there.


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