There is no traffic along the extra mile!

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There is no traffic along the extra mile

Anyone actively involved in working on cars or anything for that matter, truly knows how much time really goes into getting the results. Hours into the night, early rises, party sacrifices and so on. We spend a great deal of time working with tools and the most frustrating thing for me is when I spend 3 hours looking for a tool to use on a 10 minute job. Its just lost time.


This idea came to me when I was working on my trackcar around midnight. I couldnt find that elusive 10mm socket. (We have all been in that realm of frustration.) I got frustrated and throwing the tools seamed like a reasonable idea. That aint right though! I know you must feel like this sometimes to. Yes I needed to label and organize my stuff! However I dont love the generic text sticky labels. So some sassy labels hand painted on the toolbox by Lines By Luke should put this disjointed missing spanner feeling to rest!

Socket to him


I love a good quote! (Who doesn’t) The all time favourite quote for me is,’ there is no traffic along the extra mile.’ It has stuck in my mind since I first saw the quote on Pinterest .Mostly because it just resonates with me and my purpose on so many levels. In my case, perhaps it will make me go the extra mile and find the right spanner or put that shifter right back where I found it? (well hopefully). So thats painted on the top lid which is the first striking  thing you see. The font we used is called Blacksword and its painted in cream. Which just makes the normal kincrome toolbox POP!20160920_191152

The rest of the drawers show a description of the contents but with a bit of a punny flavour from yours truly. Like my allan keys drawer? It’s labelled ALLAN ALLAN ALLAN, KEYS KEYS KEYS hehe. See what I did there? 😉

The Knockometer drawer for Hammers.

Grabbers for Pliers.

Zap Zap for Electrical stuff.

Nut busters for Spanners and Tap or Die for my tap set.

The rest is pretty self explanatory.Nut Busters

If you were to walk into my garage now, the first impression is the clear cut lettering contrasting againt the deep blue drawers. You treat nicer things with more repect so hopefully this will be my first perfectly organised toolbox. Even if it doesnt I think it looks awesome and its totally me!


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