Story of the Cortina

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Like a lot of us have a sentimental item in the family, this Cortina is mine. It was my Grandfathers family bus and has been in the family since it was driven off the showroom floor at Brian Dunn motors September 1974 .

For around 3 thousand dollars He purchased the xle. The  model with the twin headlights, flashy hubcaps, vinyl roof and 250 cubic inch engine.  With the one extra option of radial ply tyres.  He owned the car for twenty years before he passed away and my dad took it over.

My dad replaced the rings and bearings, put nolathane bushes through the suspension components and got it resprayed the same colour. Now twenty years later and a total of 850 thousand km on the clock, I have the privilege of getting my hands on it. I plan to keep it original and slowly refine the tired parts.




The car was pretty tidy when I got it but I could feel it lacked the power that I remembered it having. So we picked up an engine from the infamous Cortina Dave to go in the car while the original gets a rebuild.



We pulled the engine out and blew 20 years of leaves out of the engine bay. There were no surprises other than an obliterated gearbox mount. Sigh so that’s what was thumping every time I put the boots into it.



I was super careful to make20160414_130554 sure nothing went missing which made the whole job take a bit longer.

When it was all done I tested it out on the road, and the power was how I remembered it growing up. Just enough torque to spin the wheels if you weren’t careful. Perfect.

It feels so good to drive even though I have a long list of jobs now that I’m driving it every day. I can’t wait to start more work on it.



Be sure to follow my next post to see my progress.

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