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Retro Coffee Van!

By December 12, 2016 No Comments

For a while now I have been chatting about a retro coffee van by the name of Retrospresso. Not a lot has happened up until now, other than gathering all or some of the items at least, that we need to kick off. But now its a little more go ahead than before. So this is whats happening.

escort van

Dash has been parked up to get the first drawer slides installed. I’m using 227 kg rated drawer slides and aluminium angle mounts them upright to the floor. This is because I’m against cutting away any of the side of the van so sliding it is. While it’s in the air I have replaced the shock absorbers with ones that work, it feels amazing again.

drawer slide

The fuel tank has come out so that the drawers could be properly anchored down. I used aluminium angle to spread the load to avoid bolts pulling out or something.

simonelli machine

Earlier this year Brooke and I went to the Australian Grand Prix! But the day before that we checked out a whole heap of machines at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Other than having about 42 brilliant Piccolos down the hatch, we put some effort into machine choice. Some seemed too cheap, some were too pricey. The ones that were good we tested the controls with pin drop detail. In the end though, it was gut feeling that made our choice. The machine weighs 45 kgs, runs on 110v and measures at 550mm in width. We are pretty happy we purchased a Simonelli Appia II compact espresso machine to go in the back.

Van drawers

I have the drawers opening and closing nice now and I’m waiting on some steel to make the bench that the machine its fastened to and which Brooke works her magic. After that is finished, I have to mount the other machines, water supply and waste and a lot of other stuff.  

This is the basic “mud map” that will come into reality with some work. I’m really winging it so to speak but that’s the fun bit. If you want more detailed updates, please follow me on Snapchat and Instagram.


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