I got to attend the 19 annual Meguiars Motor ex event!

It would have to be one of, if not the biggest car show I have ever been to! Because I had the BDR store set up, the pictures I have are from a paced walk around the place, kinda like that scene in the yes man. If you haven’t seen that, watch below!

So this green Machine was the first pic I took. Is it a Hudson? I dunno but I loved the colour and white walls against the cream trusses with the chopped car in the back.

This is a raw pic of 6 downdraft Stromberg Carburettors on a hot rod. I think I like the textures in this pic. Glass, chrome hats, alloy bits and rusty looking panels.

Then there was this thing! Burnley brewing had this mini panel van on working display, which had kegs in the cargo area and the serving taps off the side off the car. this thing is right up my alley. Very creative.

I just love it when old cars are used in todays times and not locked up relics.

Pick ups make me weak at the knees.

There was the Barra Bedford on display from the skid factory series! Awesome to see in the flesh after seeing it through the youtube screen.

A replica Ford GT40 in gulf trim. I honestly don’t think a bad picture can be taken of these cars from any angle.

Imagine 8 trumpets behind your head!

More 5.0 texture.

It was a wicked weekend to go to, and I would love to go again next year! There really was something for everyone with all of the different areas of set-up. My favourite area was the drift zone for obvious reasons and then the unfinished project cars.

I have a vlog style video from the weekend below.

Thanks for reading.

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