LSS 2019 ‘low, slow & shining’

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The year 2019 has opened my eyes to some new interests. Number 1, lowrider bicycles from earlier in the year when I got to make some rustic trophies for the rat run cruise.!

The second is film photos. Not just because its Uber cool and trendy right now. Mainly because my dad has been letting me use his camera. (Same one he took pictures of Norm Beechey at bathurst)

It is a Voightlander Perkeo 1, made sometime between 1951 and 1955.

  • It shoots 120mm film,
  • Has self erecting bellows
  • Rear window cover
  • Tripod socket
  • Self timer
  • Flash socket
  • Vaskar 4,5/80 lens
  • Pronto shutters
  • Cool appeal. Hell yeah.

When I had possession of the camera, I didn’t have to blow the dust off either, I would sit down while watching an episode of Dexter (The serial killer tv show)and just play with all the functions for hours and hours for a few weeks until I felt confident enough to put some real film in it. I just love the feel of the mechanical adjustments, clicks and winding bits.

Taylah and I decided to go to the park to take our first test pictures. Along the way I was drawn into the antique store, (which I rarely do because of always trying to minimise objects in my house) but to put a long story short, we came home with no pictures and a Voightlander Vitomatic ii, a later build 35mm camera. Nice matchy matchy!

Now, the video of the lowrider event has been on my youtube channel for some weeks now, that includes shooting, checking on the screen, editing and uploading. These next pictures though have been shot, sat on the roll of film, taken to Michaels cameras on Elizabeth st. Then developed and sent back here before we even know what they look like. I never thought that would be exciting when I brought my first digital camera a few years ago, but the constant letterbox checks have proved otherwise.

The next few pics are from either 120mm film or 35 from both cameras, and most of them are totally no good but I’m posting them up to view anyway. For an event wrap-up with real noises and easy to see pictures, I have a youtube video as well.

At the end of the day at Common Man pub on South Wharf. Me holding the trophy through the Vitomatic lens.
At the south Melbourne skatepark, our 2nd stop.
This was the night before the cruise, don’t stress there is a towel down if you can see it.
Cool trike at the skate park.
Group at the skate park.
This is the next day on the Vitomatic ||. Too quick a shutter I think anyway.
Also at the skatepark, maybe a bit too much light, and too much caffeine to hold still.
Ok this was a cheat shot from a disposable we had brought in the case of our old cameras failing, Im glad we brought it though.
This is the next day on the Perkeo. My fav shot of the bike.
Random pic on Vitomatic. I need a whiskey for my hands haha.
My ArmourdilLOW at the skatepark.
My 2nd fav pic that Taylah took on her Vitomatic looking out from Common Man.

Pretty keen to Improve on every aspect of shooting just by rope learning and trial and error.

If your still reading this, Thankyou 🙂

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