How To Prepare For Summer Days

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If you’re in Australia, I have no doubt you will have some pretty hectic plans over the coming summer scorcher! It’s an amazing time of the year and I don’t want you to miss out on any of the action. I have made a list of how to prepare for summer days, so your commuting experience will be a summer breeze!


So first things first, if you’re airconditioning is only just managing now, take it to a serviceman and get it regassed now so when the heat hits all you have to do is flick the switch and be cool man!

Wiper Blades

Fill wiper washer bottle and put new wiper blades on. Even if the ones you have have not yet expired. The dust and heat will deteriorate them very quickly. And it feels good to flick the wipers on and have a shmicko screen to sight through!


Service car yourself or get your car fully serviced, new coolant and fresh oil levels and your car will love you for it and shouldnt leave you on the side of the road.


Give your car a wash  and wax in the cool shade, the soap suds will dry on the paint and leave a mark if it’s in the sun. Which is hard to get it off again. It’s just an easier and better job when it’s not hot.


Rub on some interior protector on the inside of your car and buy one of those windscreen shade mats. Your interior will love you in a few years for it, and your hands will to when you have to hold that steering wheel.


Pack the essentials

  Slip, Slop, Slap

That means have a hat, sunscreen and a shirt in your car ready to go. And wear them!

Water bottle,

Just like your car, you need to keep the fluids up to!


Have to look dapper! Oh and protect your eyes from the sun

Insect repellant,

Dont let the mozzies ruin your nights.


For shade or rain, who knows what weather we will get.

 First aid kit,

Land of the Funnel Web Spider, Tiger Snake, Box Jellyfish and hectic activities you may need it.

Oh one last thing be a legend and pack a spare sauce, then you can finish off a surf with a barby or fish and chips and save the day!

Have a great summer you legend!

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