Geelong speed revival through 120 film.

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On the Sunday of the Geelong revival 2019, I returned my Dads camera to him with a full roll of film and told him to go nuts. The following 11 pics are what he ended up shooting. In no particular order or context.

Our stall area with all 3 cars (Zephyr ute not in the frame).
I think this is the back of an Alpine?
My Dad breezy pedalling near the water on my lowrider bike.
And me.
Some tractor pulling machines to contrast.
Aronde? Made by Simca.
I know Dad took this pic for me due to my obsession with mk2 Escorts. This RS was for sale on the day.
My beautiful girl minding the pop up shop.
New Royal Enfields.
Looking through the glass at the 8 trumpets behind the driver on this Ford GT40.

It was a really nice surprise to get these developed with absolutely no idea or expectation of what pictures I would get. Dad can still operate the camera fine even with a 30 year break.

Thanks for reading.

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