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Frank The Drift Falcon

By June 23, 2016 3 Comments

Meet Frank The Drift Falcon.

side pic

There is little more appealing to me than building a comradery with people surrounding something you all enjoy. Shit yeah.   A few days ago, the shortest and drizzliest days of the year (the winter solstice) my mates and I decided to go for a road trip to pick up our first group project.  This venture has been a discussion in the pipeline for about a month, and when the right time came there was nothing that could dampen our spirits. And we made a fairly impulsive buy. Ok that being said I would like to introduce you all to Frank. Our manual 97 jeramiah blue falcon. And to be frank with you, we are turning it into a trackday/drift car! (pun intended)

copy 1

Meet Luke, Steven, Rhys and myself.  All of us have been hooning petrol heads for a little while but none of us have had much track experience. This should make for an riveting story.  So our main goal is to get this stock standard ute ready for sliding for as little cost as we can.  We All put in around a hundred bucks to pick it up. Our goal is way under a thousand. Yep grassroots motorsport all the way man.

First up, weight loss. Stripping everything we dont need to slide. Nearly everything on the inside anyway.

side rear

Definitely not the prettiest car around. And it has wheel gap to fit inside every shoe I own haha.


Thats it for now. Soon we will do the hydraulic handbrake, lower it a heap and some other safety features.

I cant wait to get it to the track and see what we can do. Even if its not as good as our expectations, time that is happily wasted isnt wasted time. Cheers for reading.


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