Festival of speed part two

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Last weekend Dad and I went to Winton Festival of Speed. What I didn’t mention too much was the new Race car he bought that weekend. It’s a Westfield Clubman replica.

I remember playing the game, ‘what car would you rather’ with my dad when I was 5 on many occasions of a road trip. It would mainly go like this

Porsche or Mustang; Porsche

Porsche or gt40; gt40

Gt40 or Clubman; Clubman.  


 Let me take you back.

54 years ago, Marilyn Monroe died, Graham Hill won the 1962 Formula One world title while my Dad started dreaming of racing a Clubman. However staying and working the farm, fitting the mold of the family business was the practical solution. Due to this, the dream took the back seat (pardon the pun). We have all been there! Tell me about it!?


The story – Grassroots motorsport

The car was hand built in a garage in Kyabram in the early thousands by Daryl Anderson from the ground up! Planning the build, cutting the steel and doing specific road trips along the m31  to source the parts. Late nights and early mornings in an artificially lit shed. The labour of love paid off when it was successfully raced at the tracks of Winton Raceway, Sandown Raceway, Phillip Island and Calder Park before being sold on. We always competed at Track days alongside Daryl and Jason Anderson who were a father son duo like Dad and myself. Daryl raced a Formula Ford and Jason races a Legends Racing Car.  Over the years we became good friends at the track. It’s a good environment for meeting people along your way.

Anyway this is how we knew of this wicked little car kicking around. Dad always wanted to buy it. Late last year  the car came up for sale and dad decided to bite the bullet. He did one test day in February before picking it up only now in August! (What a wait!) Daryl seemed to be excited to show us all of the tips and tricks with the car but sadly he passed away early this year.



The Clubman

First of all it is a Westfield clubman replica sporting a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 motorcycle engine. A Ford Escort quick rack steers the wheels, and a Ford Fairlane LSD transmits the power from the reverse gearbox to those Superlites that it sits on. I’ve always loved those wheels. We thought it would be smaller than the sedan we tow, but when it was being loaded on the trailer the wheels only just fit on the trailer without scraping against the side rails. Few!! Looks can be a little deceiving.

Do it!

You really never know when your time is up!! Be like my dad and refuse to slow down for retirement. So that dream you have, even if it’s got nothing to do with this just f#####g do it!



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