Drift Ute Revisited.

By July 28, 2018 5 Comments

It’s been a little while since my last blog post about our cheap, joint effort drift Ute. 2 years actually, if you haven’t read those post on how we attained the car click here.

It’s taken so long for all of us to have the same days off so that we could actually try it out.

Originally the idea was to road trip it to jdm x park for a day so that the four of us could get a heap of track time. Giving that none of us have ever drifted before, or prepped a car for it, throwing a 15 hour road trip on top of that seemed to be challenging.

So 18 months, a few house moves, a break up and a marriage happening, it’s fair enough to say we have shit happening in our lives.

On the 14th of July this year I was near Ballarat at my friends house when we were basically laying the last couple of welds on his bmw e36 drift car (now the drift operative bmw) that the question was asked what I would be drifting at the Practice day on the following weekend. It was at this point that I decided the Ute would finally go. Not a whole heap was left to do I suppose. This included

  • Re fit rear axle
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Get tyres
  • Make spring stiffeners
  • Hire trailer
  • Enter
  • Bend hand brake to more comfortable position.
  • Tow the Ute to my house in Bacchus Marsh

To make it happen I kinda had to message the guys like this ” hey guys, I need to take the Ute next weekend, can’t have passengers because there’s no Rollcage and I hope you understand”.

This was taken positively and everyone committed hell for leather to get it all happening which was so good.

Steven even towed the Ute from my parents place to my house (2hour trip) on the Monday so I didn’t have to take time off work to get it.

Friday night came around and all I had left to do was mount the fire extinguisher and clear out all the sticks in the back from all of the paddock bomb shenanigans, perfect,I can do that before scrutineering on Sunday. Saturday was no good for work because we watched the round 4 of the vicdrift comp which was sick.

Sunday Pracday

To keep things semi brief, it drifted like a pig, and the car wasn’t the best at staying sideways either😂. Not complaining at all. There was a few really fun side ways moments and spin outs. It’s basically just a stock Ute with a hydraulic handbrake. But I was really not expecting a whole lot either which still made it a heap of fun anyway.

The highlight of the day was binning the Ute into the wall on the last run, as much as I can say the fuel was cutting out, it was definitely all driver error haha. The Ute was then loaded onto the trailer to go to its new home…

Where to from here.

Just let me explain first that over the past 2 years I have been practicing the art of minimalism. There’s some great advantages to living with less.

Since January I have sold 2 escorts, a cortina and other pieces which have taken the focus away from my true goals.

So how can you be a minimalist and own more cars than clothes?

That’s a good question,

1: I’m working on it.

And 2: it’s all about owning possessions with a purpose or that bring you joy.

I have had soo much fun getting together with the guys just hanging out and doing some things on the Ute, so that’s brought me joy in a sense.

And purpose, well it’s purpose was to slide into walls (tick)

But my heart wholefully longs to drift a Ford Escort. So the best thing is to seperate the Ute from my fleet and to focus my time on to that.

The Ute will reside at Stevens garage and will continue its journey under his instruction. I will still be there to help.

Now I feel like I can focus on sliding an Escort into the door of the Ute as soon as I can.

Also would like to thank everyone who helped us get the Ute to Calder park on Sunday.

Luke , Steven and Rhys for the work on the Ute, Shane for selling it to us. Chance and John for the motivation, Mick for the trailer, Taylah for minding my stall and the concrete for this awesome whiplash.

Thanks for reading.


  • Shane says:

    Hey guys its shane i sold you the ute hows the old girl going hope it treats you well as it did for us cheers guys

    • jrud23 says:

      Hey Shane! Yeah it’s awesome! Apart from its new dents, it loved being out there

      • Shane says:

        Hey guys keep me up to date on the old ute as it did us very well did a few qld road trips in it picking boats and jet ski.s up with it was a 2 owner car was a plane Jane standard package from ford 5 speed no air conditioning rubber floor mats motor had never been opened up ran 25/50 Castrol edge with some moreys oil additive did have a clutch in it at about 150ks h/d for towing remember me and a mate did a Melbourne to gold coast trip in 16hrs and a slab of Jimmy cans and 1 dead roo front drivers side quarter just out of gilgandra so one headlight there and back and half an exhaust sounded better after skippy took it off for us .the old ute would run forever 600klms per tank of fuel doing well above the normal speed limit and maybe a few diggets over on the bad breath machine

        • Shane says:

          My mate has a Garrett 35/40 turbo that would get the old girl hopping if u needed one and all hardware needed to c it smoke the tires in every gear I think I may have the original service books for it if you would like them enjoy the car guys keep me in the loop

  • Shane says:

    My mate has a Garrett 35/40 turbo that would get the old girl hopping if u needed one and all hardware needed to c it smoke the tires in every gear I think I may have the original service books for it if you would like them enjoy the car guys keep me in the loop

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