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My energy and mindset are beaming right now! Because this weekend the oportunity presented itself to take my daily Pano out for a successful trackday at Winton Motor Raceway!

2016-08-27 12.51.59-2

Taking the 4AG-ESCORT would have been the no brainer option. But it’s not so reliable at this point and I didn’t want to miss out on track time again. So the daily Pano was entered. Taking a road registered, underpowered daily driving, top heavy van can’t be on the top of your to do list hey? But we did it and didn’t look back!

2016-08-27 15.50.48-2

They see me rollin. mad body roll and positive camber

The truth is that the car was an absolute gem! It didn’t miss a beat (after I popped the spark leads back on). It just proved to be the little car that could! Scrutineering was a breeze except I had to take some tennis racquets out of the back that were forgotten about ha-ha that could have been bad! The practice session was fairly short for me; due to the fact that I was fussing about attaching my phone to the seat belt to do Facebook live. That didn’t work unless looking at the clouds is your thing.

2016-08-27 12.58.00

The picture is straight, its the van thats crooked 🙂

The 1st run was really great! I lined up with a blue mk1 escort 2 door expecting to get blown away but we exchanged positions a few times until 2 spark plug leads came off and my van went from a 2litre to a 1 litre so a lost a bit of power. You can check out the live video on facebook. Beware its recorded sideways.

black and white

Dad chases me into the sweeper

For the second and third run the sparkplug leads were fastened with cableties and the 2 litre was back in action! The most noteworthy moment was going up against my Dad in his Anglia. Something I’ve always wanted to do was race against him because we both share the same level of passion in driving. He slowed up a bit for me and I tried desperately to keep up resulting in massively launching curbs and overdoing it (go hard or go home). The run was nice and close with no bent panels. Thats what you want. The fourth and final run was treated a bit smoother and resulted in a 1.55. Which I’m happy with for the scenario.

2016-08-27 11.42.09

Bolt on some Yokohama sport tyres, topped up the oil and I had a consistent 4 sessions. Although I was sceptical of taking out my precious and finding out it leaked oil, there was nothing. No oil to clean, no leaks to fix just time to focus on the tips and tricks! In actual competitiveness, the van was capable of mixing up with a few other younger cars on the day. (woo hoo!)

2016-08-27 12.53.57-1

2016-08-27 15.54.37-2

last run of the day

Though going on the alluring path of improving the car tenfold with stiffer springs, more power and so on has consumed my mind. I honestly think it would take away just how well the car did today for what it is. A postman pat van. In terms of mods, I’m parking this up for a while. But if you like you can watch this space to see the next vansformation!


It’s now sunset. The weight squatted commodore loaded up with the van on the back. Driving back to Chelsea Vic where I’m staying the night so I can see the German autofest tomorrow. To top off a splendid weekend!


What I want is more people to feel this good stuff! So I have created a cheat sheet of all the minor checklists I did before entering, so that you can have as much a brilliant and trouble free event like mine.  Obviously I’m not saying what jocks and socks to pack. Just to help any trip ups on the way. Head over to my signup page to get the free checklist 


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