Cruise for a cause

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Grampians cruise for a cause.

Last Saturday was the maiden voyage for Phil after its fresh engine was installed. It would be the longest trip since the swap and was unknown weather I would get there or not.

The day started around 6am because I was so time scarce during the week that it hadn’t been polished or cleaned at all. How terrible.  The day had 2 firsts in that, I have seen heaps of small car runs/meets but never taken a car of my own. Also Phil has never been a part of a car show either.

As I was getting my morning caffeine fix, I saw some other cars drive past the café which instilled excitement before the trip even began.

We all met at Ararat at the Alexandra Park where there was a mix of cars from the early 20s up to late 90s parked up on display.


2 Door Falcon envy

edsel front

I spotted this Ford Edsel which is something I have never seen before




cortina back edit

Phil made it



Quintet of falcons had a nostalgic presence


We all cruised out to Willaura at about 50 miles an hour. And the weather was on point.

It was then that I braked too suddenly and the pre cup holder Cortina couldn’t hold my fresh coffee and it burnt my ankles, but what’s an adventure without at least one mishap. haha.

We had lunch and checked out a homestead building out the road at the end of the meet which is where I took the pics of the Edsel and the falcons.

I decided to take off at dusk after the cruise, pushing the car a little closer to its capabilities on the way home.  It was sweet seeing the reflection of the sunset on the bonnet bulge and to see all the mph increments light up. Whilst coffee aroma now breezing through the car, it was a special kind of feeling. Yes! Phil didn’t miss a beat.

It was a perfect day all up, meeting some new friends. Getting different feedback on the art piece on the boot and doing it all while helping a local charity was great. It’s inspired me to do a meet of my own in the future.

Post in the comments below and let me know what makes a great car weekend for you.

edited cortina front

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