Some of the cars that made me reach for my phone at wtac 17.

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Some of the cars that made me reach for my phone at wtac 17.

WTAC is mainly sensory overload for me. I mean try listening to one car, walking backwards watching another racecar whislt taking a photo of another car that smells like heaven. Yeah overload! Here are some of my favourite pics that my phone managed to capture as this happened:)
Mad Mikes Badbull rx8

Every square inch of mad mikes badbull car is just as photogenic as Jennifer Anniston.

toyota celica

First time I have seen a rotary powered Nissan Silvia drift car.

 The Mazda 767b. I was on the fence about attending this years World Time Attack Challenge. Trying to get time off work and organise accomodation etc. But hearing that this fire breathing, quad dorito brapping monster could be sending  live soundwaves right into my ears was the turning point that made it happen.

 The car was surrounded by people for most of the weekend as if some sorcerous attraction occured with its presence. I love it. Working out the fuel milage to be 9.6L/100 in the Cortina. I was fairly impressed, more on that in a detailed post soon.

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