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By July 10, 2016 One Comment

Its Sunday night and the working week has been epic to say the least! Most of the labour on the car has occurred in the nocturnal hours of the night. ‘Sleep is important but racecar is importanter!’ Well that’s stuck in my mind in the late hours anyway.

We started out by removing the hella high rear springs and pressing them down in a workshop press. Lesson learnt this time. The springs need to be pressed nearly flat so they will come out again to go way lower. While Frank was on the  jackstands we took the opportunity to suss out the differential. It was the open type so we burned some fumes and welded up the spider gears before putting our springs back in. There is no turning back now!


3 Shoes and a work boot










A few coils were cut away from the existing springs to achieve a workable ride height. Not ideal or recommended but we’re sticking to a budget and its never seeing the road again. Now it passes the shoe test or 3 fingers neat.

enhanced wheel shoe

That’s better















enhanced interior

The office in its primitive state. Starting to look the business.














In the same evening we managed to tear down most of the interior so now at this stage we were left with a more respectable heighted, microscopically lighter vehicle with a locked rear axle.

Our budget hasn’t moved because we have been resourceful in approach. Which is awesome. Next activity on the cards is to mount fire extinguisher, install hydraulic hand brake and give the mechanicals a TLC do over.

Wish me luck


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