40th Historic Winton 2016

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sunday panorama


The last weekend of every May, hundreds of classic racing cars and bikes congregate at Winton Raceway for some racing. The retrospective festivities that compliment the meeting really give me a sense of time warp to something I cant see every day. Dang I knew I was born in the wrong era. Things like the old car books stall, vintage part stalls selling big shiny headlights and so many road running classics all make up the theme for the weekend.


I also got to try out my upcycled seat. Which was really good to get some more height in some pictures. If you missed it go check it out hereĀ http://builddriverace.com/upcycling/

If your like me and scan the roads for any unique cars to admire on a daily basis, then watching these preserved beuties battle out hard on the track makes a total utopia! Weather its the popping of massive 3.1l pistons from across the track, the thumping saloons or the high reving belt drivin cosworth echoing off the concrete. I’m sure most who attend go home with a wishlist as long as mine. Its just something you should see at least once. Only 364 sleeps till next time….



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